General Objectives

To identify gaps in the society for the benefit of harnessing potentials of the African youth in order to develop the continent of Africa. Also, to discover youths that will create a judicious balance to their own quality of life as well to put forward productive and meaningful contributions to the society and their respective nations.


"DEMTAY" registered in 2018 is an African Youth Empowerment Organization, dedicated to raising innovative business leaders and inventions across Africa. To also raise awareness on stigmatized youths that are probably suffering from negligence from their immediate families or society at large.

Mission & vision

Our Vision is to Serve as a pivot to turn the most innovative ideas in Africa to reality.

Our Mission is Promoting a set of guidelines on how a community can support its young people so that they can grow up competent, healthy and develop to their full potential

Who We Are

Demtay has a potential of integrating values of a good and productive youth. We provide a platform to display and let them showcase their skills, simply by joining the bandwagon of this new initiative, few selections based on merit stand a chance of being an employer of mass labour and also serve as a model to the next generation. This project proposes to select the best from the many applications (of Skills, Ideas, New Craft) be can receive by entry. Especially the marginalized and vulnerable group of youths who seem to have been shun out of school by the harsh environment or societal and economical pressure around them.

Projects We Love

Discover what’s possible when The African Youths create together.

How Great Is The Strength Of Your Belief?

People who have the strength of Belief possess strong core values. Hence, what you belief is what you will experience.... Why don't you EXPERIENCE the best innovative values with DEMTAY today?