We are open to partnership

We know quite well that no business remains static. Markets change, competitors enter and exit the scene, new opportunities and challenges crop up as well. We want to expand Demtay by seeking reputable organizations like you to invest into what we do and become part of this moving train, the hope of Africa. 

Most entrepreneurs tend to be fairly self-reliant people, Demtay was never designed or wired to function this way. We have a responsive and adaptive business plan that will accurately put Demtay into the heart and hands of genuine investors and partners, we would rather work with you and move faster than serve as a sole owner, stalling the dreams of many youths. Your interests, once dignified and made known will secure a partnership agreement and investment plan which will lead to sharing roles, responsibilities and repayment of investment will be tied to business profits, not interest rates. 

Also, we want you to partner and invest your resources to make sure Demtay is able to survive inevitable tough times almost all companies face. This will benefit Africa first before engaging the world.  We are sure thinking Africa is also considering the effect it would have on the Economy of the World.